A searing tale of summertime love

When books are adapted into movies, there is always this debate of whether the book or the movie is better. I have rarely found a movie adaptation to match up to what the book can offer, much less be an improvement. In recent memory, the Harry Potter series stand out for getting progressively unbearable towards… Continue reading A searing tale of summertime love

A Quiet Place – works wonders as a survivor thriller

This movie was a stressful watch. Nearing the end I had a headache trying to munch popcorn soundlessly. And possibly my friend had a hand-ache from me grabbing onto her for nearly an hour. This is probably my first time watching a horror movie in a theater (unless you count 50 Shades of Grey which was… Continue reading A Quiet Place – works wonders as a survivor thriller

Maduraiyin mettu

You may assume that the dominating smells and sounds of the temple city of Madurai would be incense and the ringing bells, but in reality, it would be the aroma of parotta -salna and the rhythmic kuthu of the parotta master. Ask any Madurai-vaasi what their favourite food item is and prompt is the answer-parottas. However,… Continue reading Maduraiyin mettu

My thoughts on Crazy Rich Asian: As crazy and rich as it can get

Kevin Kwan's debut novel is simple escapist fare and one of its strengths is bringing the modern Asian culture in a city-country such as Singapore to the literary stage in a easy fun ride. The book chronicles the fictional lives of ultra rich Singaporean-Chinese families through the eyes of Rachel Chu, girlfriend of Nicholas Young, the… Continue reading My thoughts on Crazy Rich Asian: As crazy and rich as it can get

My Father Baliah-A story of emancipation in modern India

The book "My father Baliah" by Y. B Satyanarayana is an eyeopening account of the struggles of the Dalit Yelukati family in rising above impoverishment after generations of segregation and untouchability. The titular father Baliah utilizes the tool of education as a weapon of empowerment. His focus is razor sharp, he understands the power of… Continue reading My Father Baliah-A story of emancipation in modern India